IGNOU Assignment Status 2020: Dates, Submission, Marks and Results

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Candidates who have taken admission in IGNOU or enrolled in any course with Indira Gandhi National Open University must have to submit the IGNOU Assignment timely to qualify the term-end exams. IGNOU has the provision to check the assignment status of IGNOU 2020 online after the submission.

IGNOU Assignment Status ensures that whether the submitted assignments by the candidates are accepted or rejected. All the candidates who are enrolled in any undergraduate and postgraduate courses are advised to check the IGNOU Assignment Status 2020 online.

Candidates need to enter their enrollment number, code of the program, and date of birth to check the IGNOU Assignment Status. They are advised to keep ready these credentials while checking the status of IGNOU Assignment.

Assignment submission is a very important part of the qualification of a course or program because the marks of the IGNOU Assignment will be added in the final percentage. That’s why candidates have to check the status of their assignments so that they are aware of the final grade.

To get a degree from the university, candidates have to appear, qualify and score minimum passing marks in both assignments and term-end examinations. Students also have to download their IGNOU Date Sheet to get to know about Exam Date and Timings. Candidates are also advised to carry their IGNOU Hall Ticket with the IGNOU Identity card at the examination centre.

Let’s find out how you can get all the details related to IGNOU Assignment like IGNOU Assignment Status, Download IGNOU Assignment, IGNOU Assignment last date, IGNOU Solved Assignment, IGNOU Assignment Result etc.

IGNOU Assignment Status, Marks and Results 2020

IGNOU Assignments will be submitted to the coordinator of the regional centre of IGNOU. Candidate can download the assignments from the official website of IGNOU for their applied course.

IGNOU Assignment Last Date

Candidates can go through these important dates to submit the projects and assignments before the deadlines and also stay updated with necessary coursework. IGNOU Assignment submission last date will be updated on the official website of IGNOU. You can keep regularly visiting the website and checking the announcements section of IGNOU.

Important Dates of Submission of IGNOU Assignment

EventsJanuary CycleJuly Cycle
Submission of ProjectLast date – November 2019(4th Week)Last date – November 2020 (4th Week)
Submission of IGNOU AssignmentDate provided on the assignment papers
Assignment Status Updated20-25 days after submitting the assignments
Assignment Marks will be updated before TEE results
Term End ExaminationDecember 2019June 2020
ResultsWill be declared by the universityWill be declared by the university

IGNOU Assignment Submission

To qualify the term-end exams candidates have to submit IGNOU Assignments to their respective IGNOU regional centre. Students have to follow all the criteria and procedures to submit the assignments.

To submit the IGNOU Assignments candidates have to download the assignment questions and answer them properly in their language. Candidates are advised to not copy the answers of assignments as it could be a reason of rejection of Assignments from IGNOU.

How to Download IGNOU Assignments : IGNOU Assignment Status

How to Download IGNOU assignments

IGNOU assignments are available on the official website of IGNOU. Candidates are advised to follow the below-given steps to download IGNOU Assignments.

  • Visit official website of IGNOU Assignments.
  • Click on the link of your particular applied course or programme with the
  • Then click on the link of First year or Second year in any medium English or Hindi.
  • After that, Click on Download button in the top right corner and Save/Print for future reference.

How to Submit IGNOU 2020 Assignments

After downloading the assignments, Students should have to prepare it and also mention their personal details to verify the students. Candidates have to download the assignment form the official website of IGNOU. Candidates can also find the IGNOU assignments on their IGNOU Regional Centre. IGNOU assignment also sent to students by speed post/registered courier from the university if they want it.

  • Students can see the submission date which is mentioned in the downloaded IGNOU assignment.
  • Candidates have to prepare their assignments before the deadline and should not forget to mention their name, enrolment number, address, and study center at the front page of IGNOU assignment.
  • Then Candidates have to submit their prepared assignments to their respective IGNOU Regional Centre. Before submitting, assignments candidates should have to find out their IGNOU Regional Center.
  • After the Submission of IGNOU assignments candidates have to ask their HODs for slips signed by the HOD and also ask them to mention these details such as the name of the course, enrolment number, and date of submission. Students have to save this slip for future preferences.
  • Candidates should also have to keep the photocopy of their assignments which should be attested by their IGNOU study centre.
How to Check IGNOU Assignment Status : IGNOU Assignment Status

IGNOU Assignment Status

IGNOU provides the facility to Students to check their IGNOU assignments online. They can check the IGNOU 2020 assignment status whether the IGNOU Assignment 2020 is accepted or rejected.

How to check IGNOU Assignment Status

Candidate can check their assignment status of IGNOU 2020 in two ways which are given below. They just have to enter their IGNOU enrollment number and Programme code.

Method 1

  • Visit Official Website of IGNOU.
  • Now, Enter your enrollment number, programme, and Date of Birth in the Enrolled Students Section.
  • Then Click on the Login button
  • Now Students details will appear on the screen.
  • After that, click on Assignment Submission Status at the bottom of the page.
  • Now you can see all the details of the students such as number of assignments submitted, session, date of submission, and status (received and in-process/received and to be processed/check IGNOU grade card status for details).
  • After that, Student can Save/Print of IGNOU assignment status for future references.

Method 2

  • Go to the link of Assignment Status of IGNOU 2020.
  • Now you have to enter your nine digit enrollment number and Select the Programme Code.
  • Click on Submit Button.
  • After that, IGNOU 2020 assignment status displayed on the screen.
  • Student can Save/Print of IGNOU assignment submission status for future references.

Details Mentioned on IGNOU 2020 Assignment Status

  • Enrollment Number
  • Programme Name
  • Code of the courses
  • Session
  • Status of the Assignments
  • Date of submission of assignments

What to do if “IGNOU Assignment Status not completed” Shows

University takes time to update the IGNOU assignment status. Candidates can check their status after 20 to 25 days after submission of  IGNOU assignment to the IGNOU study centre. Marks of the assignment will be updated before TEE results.

While checking the status if IGNOU Assignment Status will be shown “not completed” that means that student has been failed in the assignment. In this situation, candidates have to prepare IGNOU Assignments again and submit it to IGNOU Regional Centre.

IGNOU Solved Assignment

Students spend their lot of time to find the solution to the assignments. That’s why we have listed out some assignments which have mandatory to qualify the term-end exams.

IGNOU is very strict about the assignments that’s why you have to write the answers of the assignment questions in your own way. These Solved IGNOU Assignments will help students to give the idea about the answers and they have to make new answers to that question.

If they copied the Assignments from these solved assignments then your assignments will be rejected from the IGNOU university.

You have to work hard on your answers and give the best answers before submitting the assignments to the coordinator of the regional centre for the evaluation.

Click here for the IGNOU Solved Assignment for all academic courses.

IGNOU Assignment Result

IGNOU assignment Result will be updated in the IGNOU Grade Card. It’s not announced separately on the website of IGNOU. Students can also check IGNOU Grade Card Status on the official website of IGNOU.

Candidates who have submitted their IGNOU Assignments before Term-end exam(TEE) can check IGNOU Assignment Status 2020 online.

But IGNOU assignment status would not contain the marks of the Assignments it only shows the status of the IGNO



uAssignments whether it is accepted or rejected by the university.

So, Candidate does not have to put extra efforts online to check the IGNOU assignments Marks or Result.

How to Download IGNOU Assignment Result Grade Card : IGNOU Assignment Status

How to Download IGNOU Assignment Result Grade Card

Candidates can follow the steps of Download IGNOU Grade Card to check the IGNOU Assignment result. They can check their grade card in IGNOU Student Zone to see the IGNOU Result and marks of the IGNOU assignments 2020.

  • Visit Official Website of IGNOU.
  • Click on Student Support and then Click on Student Zone.
  • Then Click on Results.
  • Now Choose the option Grade Card from the left side of the page.
  • You can Click on links related to your course. If you are enrolled in other programs then click on other programme option.
  • After clicking on any link, a new page will be open.
  • Now you have to select your program and enter your enrollment number and click on Submit.
  • After that, You can see your grade card of IGNOU on the screen.

IGNOU Assignment Marks

To pass or qualify the Term-end Exam of a particular applied course, Candidate has to obtain minimum 40 Marks out of 100 Marks. These marks are applicable to all academic courses offered by IGNOU. Candidate can check their assignment status and IGNOU result on the official website of IGNOU.

Reasons for Grade Card Status shows Not Completed : IGNOU Assignment Status

Reasons for grade card status shows “Not Completed”?

While checking the status of IGNOU Assignment, Candidates find two types of status “completed” and “Not Completed“. If Status shows “completed” then you have passed the assignment and get passing marks in IGNOU grade card.

But if Status shows “Not Completed“ then you must have to be worried because you have failed in your final examination. There may be reasons behind the rejection of your IGNOU Assignments. Here we have listed some reasons that could be a reason for showing your status “Not Completed”. Check it out:

  • You have not submitted your assignment on time. Candidates should have to submit the assignments before the deadline as we have talked above.
  • Candidates do not appear in their all practical examinations. You can your IGNOU study centre for your practical examinations.
  • You also have to make sure that you have submitted your projects and Dissertations before the deadline which has been compulsory to qualify the term end examinations.
  • If candidates failed in term end examinations then it also could be a reason for Rejection of IGNOU assignment.
  • Your course and programmes have been expired which is dependent on your programme. Because every programme has a different validity period.

Importance of IGNOU Assignment

IGNOU Assignment is the crucial part of qualifying the examination in IGNOU University. A candidate has to submit Assignments to the IGNOU regional centre before the deadline otherwise they consider failure in final results.

Candidates have to obtain 50%marks to qualify the final or term end examination. IGNOU assignment marks are included in the term end exam marks. If any candidates did not submit their assignments due to any reason they will fail in final exam results and status of grade card will be shown fail.

How to Submit IGNOU Assignments : IGNOU Assignment Status

Important Instructions related to IGNOU Assignment Status 2020

  • Candidates have to submit their assignments before the deadline which is mentioned on the IGNOU Assignments.
  • Candidates should have to take patience because the university takes time to update the status of IGNOU Assignments. If candidates found out their assignment status of IGNOU 2020 ‘not found’ or ‘not submitted’ then they don’t have to worry it will be updated by the university after some time. But if the status of IGNOU assignment remains the same for a long period of time then students have to contact IGNOU regional centre.
  • Candidates are advised to submit their assignments on time to gain positive IGNOU assignment status and get their degree without any problem.
  • Candidates have to gain at least 50% marks in assignment to pass which is applicable only when the status of IGNOU assignments in the grade card will show “completed”. If the status of assignments shows “Not completed” that means that student has been failed in the assignment and candidate have to again submit the assignment.

IGNOU Assignment Status - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques: Which credentials do you need to check IGNOU 2020 assignment status?

Ans: Candidates have to enter their enrolment number, date of birth,  programme and captcha code to login into their account and check their IGNOU assignment status. Those candidates who have submitted their assignments to IGNOU can only check the IGNOU assignment status.

Ques: What is the meaning of ‘not-complete’ assignment status in the IGNOU grade card?

Ans: ‘Not-complete’ assignment status means that candidates did not score minimum passing marks in IGNOU Assignments and failed in IGNOU assignment. Then candidates have to submit the IGNOU assignments again to the university.

Ques: What is the pass mark of IGNOU Assignment?

Ans: The passing marks of IGNOU Assignment in any subject is 50% that means candidates should have to obtain at least 50 marks. If candidates score marks below 50% in their assignment then they have to submit the assignment again. In the Final Grade card or Result, weightage of the assignments marks are 30% and Term end exam marks are 70%.

Ques: If IGNOU assignment status 2020 is not yet updated then what to do?

Ans:  IGNOU assignment status update takes time up to 20-25 days. Candidates only have the option to wait for some time. If candidates find that IGNOU assignment status is not updated from so long, then they can contact regional centre officials immediately.

Ques: After how many days IGNOU assignment status 2020 will be updated?

Ans: IGNOU assignment status will be updated in 25 days after the submission of assignment. IGNOU assignment marks will be updated before the declaration of the TEE results. If candidates find their assignment status has not been updated in so long, then they should have to contact their regional centre officials.

Ques: Where you can check IGNOU assignment marks?

Ans: Candidates can see and check their IGNOU assignment marks in the IGNOU grade card after the declaration of TEE.

Ques: What to do if IGNOU assignment status shows ‘not submitted’?

Ans: If  IGNOU assignment status shows ‘not submitted’ that means you have not submitted the assignments. If you have submitted the assignments and still IGNOU assignment status shows ‘not submitted’ for a long time then you have contact immediately to the university officials.

Ques: What is the last date of IGNOU assignment?

Ans: IGNOU assignment last date was 15th Feb 2020 for  Session But now  University has extended the last date till  15th feb 2020. Candidates should have to submit the IGNOU assignment before Feb 2020.

Ques: What does IGNOU assignment status 2020 show?

Ans: IGNOU assignment status shows whether the assignment has been accepted or rejected by IGNOU . It shows 3 types of status received, marked or rejected. IGNOU assignments are rejected due to some reasons which are discussed above.

Ques: Which Documents should you keep after the IGNOU assignment submission?

Ans: Students should have to ask for the signed slip by the HOD after submission of IGNOU Assignments. Candidates should also have to keep photocopies of their assignments. These documents will be used if IGNOU assignment status showing ‘not submitted’.

Ques: Why I have to check the IGNOU Assignment status 2020?

Ans: IGNOU Assignment is the most important part of the evaluation process. That’s why candidates have to check the IGNOU Assignment status whether it has been received, marked, accepted, or rejected. If IGNOU Assignment status shows ‘not submitted’ after submitting the IGNOU assignments then candidates have to contact regional centre immediately.

Ques: Can I submit my IGNOU Assignment any day?

Ans: Yes, Candidates can submit the IGNOU assignment any day but before the last date of IGNOU assignment which is Jan 2020.

Ques: what is the weightage of the assignments marks in final grade?

Ans: In the Final Grade card or Result, weightage of the assignments marks is 30%.

Ques: Can I submit IGNOU Assignment after the exam?

Ans: No, Candidates should have to submit the IGNOU assignment before the Term end exam and also before the deadline. It is mandatory to submit the IGNOU assignment before the Term end exam because it’s a rule or instruction of university authority. Otherwise, candidates considered as failed and do not get their degree until they qualify the final exams.

Ques: How can I score good marks in IGNOU Assignments?

Ans: As we all know IGNOU Assignments submission is the important part of qualifying a degree or diploma in IGNOU. To qualify or to get good marks in IGNOU Assignments just follow some important points or suggestions while writing your assignments:

  • Study the IGNOU study materials before you start writing your assignments.
  • Write your assignments in your handwriting which help you to score good marks/grades in the term end examination.
  • Should have to complete your assignments on time which allows you to appear in TEE.
  • Used A4 size white (xerox) paper to write the assignments and then staple all pages.
  • Write your answers in only Frontpage.
  • Write your answers in good handwriting and do not overwrite any answer or questions.
  • Candidates are write their answer minimum four to five page.
  • Always end your answer with a conclusion.
  • Never use multi-color sheets to write the assignments.
  • First page should be simple.
  • Make tables and diagrams with pencils in your assignments.
  • Make sure that submission of Assignment in a good format and also used stick files.
  • After submitting your assignments take the assignment receipt to the study center.
  • Always Keep a copy of your assignment.

Ques: Can we use the black pen in IGNOU assignments?

Ans: Yes, Candidates can use both blue and black pen to write the IGNOU Assignments. After finishing the answers, leave four lines space and also draw a line between the answers.


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